Argumentative Writing Essays in the USA

It is essential to determine your target audience prior to writing your argumentative essay. This will allow you to put yourself in the shoes of your reader and decide the information you should include. This step will not only help you define your audience but also ensures that your writing flows smoothly. Here are some tips to assist you in writing the perfect argumentative essay. Remember, you’re not writing a novel. Here are some helpful tips that will make your writing stand out and give you the best grades you can get.


Argumentative essays aren’t as straightforward as they might seem, but they have some basic elements in common. The conclusion is where the writer summarizes the major aspects. Argumentative essays are critical essays that concentrate on a particular point and attempt to convince readers of the same opinion. The conclusion must be compelling enough to keep the reader reading the essay.

An introduction is the beginning of an argumentative essay. In an introduction, it introduces the topic, argues for or against the topic and presents the thesis statement. The introduction also includes background information, if there is any, including early studies of smoking and the long-term consequences of smoking. The conclusion should be based on the arguments made in the introduction. This is the most crucial element of an argumentative essay.


Argumentative essays in the USA have two parts – the claim and the back. The claim is the principal opinion or event. The backing is the gathering and analysis of facts and data that support the main claim without damaging the other side. Argumentative essays require you to back your argument by presenting evidence or facts that support the opposing side. This is the standard method. Argumentative essays are written not only to persuade but also to educate.

In an argumentative essay, the most important argument is that smoking causes lung damage over time. The counterargument states that smoking causes long-term damage to your lungs and a genetic predisposition for cancer. Your paper should conclude with a compelling statement that encourages readers to keep exploring the topic. The conclusion should restate the thesis and briefly touch on the evidence.


Argumentative writing that is good is based on facts and data. Argumentative essays shouldn’t be a simple list of opinions. It has to have facts to back up its claims. Charleston, for example, has special offers for families and child-friendly attractions. There are also surveys that show how many people have visited the city. This article will focus on the importance of facts and how they can help strengthen your arguments.

The first step is to be aware of what is a claim. A claim is a statement that substantiates an opinion by proving it with evidence. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, but it must be a claim that can be debated. It is essential to make your argument convincing. It is essential to comprehend the basis of your argument and then present a convincing argument to support your argument.


The structure of argumentative essays is usually five paragraphs long. These paragraphs are comprised of an introduction, three to four body parts, and a conclusion. Each part will have its own structure, so it is important get essays online to understand these rules and the format for your essay. An effective method to structure your essay is to start with the introduction. This draws the attention of the reader and provides background information. The next step is to state your thesis statement and then explain your argument.

It is essential to thoroughly research any complicated subject before writing an argumentative essay. A five-paragraph argumentative essay which includes research sources will usually include more than five paragraphs. It may also discuss the context of the topic as well as sources of information or opposing perspectives on the subject. The assignment will determine the type of research you will conduct. Here are some suggestions to help you write a great argumentative essay.